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Pro Hockey News' book review of
"The Day the Dinosaurs Played Hockey!"
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"The Day the Dinosaurs Played Hockey," is now available! To get your copy of the whimsical tale about a little youth hockey goalie and his special day playing hockey with his prehistoric pals, just click on this pic to be taken right to the link!


Small Saves has an appearance in the publication, Inside Hockey Fantasy Guide 2017-2018! To get your copy, just click on the photo.


My first - ever interview! Please click on the link below to be taken to Pucksters Hockey to see the broadcast! It aired October 23, 2017. A special thank you to Mike Edge, co-hosts, and everyone at Pucksters! Enjoy!

Pucksters Hockey Broadcast

On Saturday, October 28, I read my book, "The Day the Dinosaurs Played Hockey" to the children at E. Boston Library. Afterwards, we all had fun drawing dinosaurs!


Amazon has just updated "Small Saves Hockey & Goalie Shirts" to include LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS! We'll be updating and adding the designs daily, so check back by following the link below to get your shirt!


Starting in Jan., 2018, Small Saves will be featured in the pages of USA Hockey Magazine! Please click on the photo to be taken to their page. : )


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